Blockchain: A multi-functional ‘Swiss Army knife’ for cyber-security

Blockchain is known for powering cryptocurrencies, but developers are finding many other innovative uses for crypto-secure transactions, write Adam Palmer and Michael Palage.

Over the past several years, more than a billion dollars have been invested in blockchain startups by investors seeking to capitalise on what is estimated to be an $US 8 billion market by 2024.

This private sector investment has also been coupled with several public sector initiatives from various governments. This article examines the aspects of blockchain technology that make it uniquely situated to support cyber-security capacity building.

It is important to note that blockchain is not a ‘silver bullet’ solution. However, it will be a critical tool for improving cyber-security…”

See the recent article by InfoNetworks co-founder Mike Palage and Adam Palmer on the SC Media UK blog, or download a copy here.

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